Are your ancestors from Iceland?

Are your ancestors from Iceland?

Why not visit their homeland?

Would you like to visit Iceland?

Would you like to visit Iceland?

The homeland of your great-grandparents?

Did your great-grandparents come from Iceland?

Did your great-grandparents come from Iceland?

Would you like to visit their homeland?

Experience Iceland’s amazing beauty

IceCountry specializes in tours tailored for you. My name is Bjarni Dagur Jónsson. My customers call me Day for short. I’m IceCountry’s founder and general manager.  We at IceCountry combine expert tour guiding with family tree sleuthing.

Find your relatives

For you, this means getting your own personal homecoming. Seeing where your ancestors lived. Experiencing Iceland’s astonishing landscape.  You will see, hear and feel Iceland’s pristine beauty, have comfortable accommodation and dine well. If our ancestry tour service interests you, please tell us a bit about yourself and your wishes here.

Your customized trip

IceCountry creates your personal tour—no packages here. Tell us about your Icelandic dream trip. We can set it up for you. See our pointers. They make this process a breeze— How to set up your dream tour. IceCountry’s team will work out transportation, specialist guides, accommodation and special permits (if required).

Hotels and Transport

The team are pros. General Manager Bjarni Dagur Jónsson (Day, for short) is an international guide, accredited by the University of Iceland. Other guides?  He and his drivers are licensed and experienced with any vehicles you need to get you where you are going. His personal passion is trans-Atlantic family trees. “My family tree has branches in Canada. I tracked down its people and their stories. I can help you track down your ancestors and their stories.”

Why choose Day and his team?

Day has contacts all over Iceland. He has hosted hundreds of radio and TV programs. Through them, he has gotten to know people all over the country. In addition, people all over Iceland got to know him through these programs. These contacts help us to help you.

Wanna see some landscape pictures from Iceland?

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